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Working Out in the Morning v.s. in the Evening

  • by BLF Team
  • July 15, 2016
One of the biggest dilemmas it seems that gym-goers face is what time is the best time to get their workout in. Many people pop in whenever they get a free hour in their crazy day, and others plan their entire day around when they’re planning on working out. For those of you who have […]Read More >>

Drop It Like A Squat

  • by BLF Team
  • February 5, 2016
February 5, 2016 Most of you are pros by now. A squat is probably one of the very first lifting exercises you learned, and why not? With the glutes obsession on the rise, it’s a legitimate place to focus your energy. It’s also a great lift for the entire body, activating the thighs, calves, buttock, […]Read More >>