Blog Being Gritty Is Key To Achieving Your Fitness Goals


Being Gritty Is Key To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

  • by BLF Team
  • April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016

Quote-Find-the-Fighter-in-youIf you’ve ever taken the time to watch a class at Blue Lion Fitness, you’ll see that there is something special going on. You can feel the uniqueness and the drive of the instructors and the participants while you’re watching. It makes you want to be apart of it and there’s an intangible element that is at first difficult to pin down for why you feel a near gravitational pull to participate yourself.

The element that stands out to you, you finally realize is the absolute and pure grittiness of everyone involved. Grit is what sets Blue Lion apart. Grit is what our Lionchasers thrive on. And grit is the magnetism that you feel every time you step through the door.

“Grit is passion and perseverance for your long-term goals, and that means maintaining effort and interest for years even if there are difficulties, disappointments and failures. Grit is the type of tenacity and resolve where you clench your teeth and push even harder when the going gets tough.”

Now that we know and understand what that little extra is, grit, we can try to emulate it. Some people come by that mental toughness naturally, other times it has to be grown and nurtured. Grit is what is key to long-term fitness success and much more important than any physical talent. As you’ll see, there are ways in which you can help build up that grittiness in yourself and being a Lionchaser means you’re already off to a great start. 

Think long term.
Approach your success like a marathon, not a sprint. Understand that you won’t see your fitness goals achieved overnight. This is not a game of instant gratification and understanding that is the first step on the path to reaching your fitness goals. 

Don’t get distracted or change goals.
Set your goals, and make them challenging, things that you know you’ll have to work for. Do not be a dabbler. Commit to it and stick to it until you get there.

Expect obstacles and don’t get discouraged by them.
It is important to understand that all setbacks are temporary and you can get through them or go around them. The ability to take those obstacles and keep going is something that can be worked at forever. 

When the going gets tough, you get mentally tougher.
Every obstacle and setback you see and conquer is going to make you stronger and you’ll be able to handle each new situation with more finesse and success. You’ll be mentally tougher for the next obstacle and you’ll renew your sense of grit each time you succeed.  

Be willing to make sacrifices.
Not only are you going to have to make sacrifices, you will have to work very hard every day for a very long time. The biggest challenge is just accepting that reality. Once you embrace and appreciate the work, you have an even better shot to achieving your goals, especially those long-term ones. 

Adopt a growth mindset, believe that you can always improve.
This isn’t optimism, this is realism. You can always, always, always improve. This can be in matters like perfecting your form for a lift, or building 20 pounds of muscle. Small or big, you can keep improving forever. 

Surround yourself with other people who have grit.
One of the best things about Blue Lion Fitness is the community that you instantly become apart of. Everyone is there to better themselves and to reach their own goals. When you’re with like-minded people you can push yourself farther that you might have been able to do on your own. Shout out to all of you Lionchasers that motivate yourselves and each other everyday. 


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