Blog Five reasons why gym buddies are the best


Five reasons why gym buddies are the best

  • by BLF Team
  • March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016


You love the gym? You love your friends? Then pull them to the gym with you (or if you’re like me, let them pull you to the gym). The buddy system, first introduced to me at fifth grade summer camp was meant to keep us 10-year-olds from drowning at the lake. I’ve found that using the buddy system at the gym can be just as valuable and can keep you from drowning in excuses, slumps, and stagnation. Here are five reasons why I love the buddy system and why it comes highly recommended:

1. Accountability

looking at you

It’s like having morals. A lot of people have good morals and do the right thing even if no one else is watching. Some people … well, they need supervision until they can fully develop their sense of morality. I am definitely in the developmental stage of my workout accountability (I’ve been here for years) so having a friend keep me honest works phenomenally. I also hate cancelling on a friend, because (looking at you Kelly) it’s rude to ditch a gym date.


2. Motivation


I think we can all agree that slumps happen, for some of us more often than others, but they happen. It’s a drag to go to the gym. You just hate it. Those of you who I admire work through the slump instead of coming to a full stop. The great thing about having a workout buddy is that you can pull each other through the slumps. Hopefully your slumps don’t sync up, then you might have to pull double duty to get your butts into the gym.


3. Competition

when you and squad roll in

I love my friends… and I love being better at them at something. That being said, I typically fall to the bottom of the ring when it comes to fitness, but that’s exactly why I love going to the gym with them. They push me to do better by already being badass. I want to compete against them for sure, and they help me compete against myself too.


4. Socialization

puppy workout

Everyone is insanely busy. Sometimes trying to squeeze everything in feels impossible and we feel forced to choose between one event or another. This “busyness” easily slides into an excuse for skipping the gym. It can be the reverse too, cutting out socializing with friends and family. The great thing about the buddy system is the multi-tasking aspect. Nothing bonds two people more than being in misery. Nothing can be better for a friendship than the support you give each other during each workout.


5. Fun

this is best

Working out is fun if you let it be and hanging out with your friends is definitely a good time. I have to tell you, I don’t think anything is better for my abs then full out laughing whilst in a :60 second plank. It’s easy to think of working out as a chore, as something that has to be done, but it’s a helluva lot easier to exercise day in and day out when you enjoy it. Bringing your friend around can help you remember that.




By Elizabeth Bergren