• Keys to Conquering Test Week Like a Pro - If you don’t get your pump-up from motivational speeches blaring over the speakers at the gym or your favorite flavor of pre-workout, then you’ve got to find some other way to get through test week while simultaneously hitting PR after PR. But how? Your nerves are at their peak (some of us don’t even know […]
  • Now Roll It Out - We all try our best to take the time to foam roll, stretch, and recover after a hard WOD, but we aren’t always using our time efficiently. I recently came across this article that walks you through how to properly foam roll following different workouts and for different muscle groups, depending on what’s sore that […]
  • Happy New Year BLF Family - Welcome to the new year Lion Chasers! Boy are we grateful for all of you and all the crazy hard work you put in last year. We are even more grateful that we continue to see all of your smiling faces around the gym in 2017, it must mean we’re doing something right. As we […]
  • Topping Mine, and Oprah’s, Christmas List - About two months ago, I wrote about a handful of training shoes that were rated top of the line by our very own Lion Chasers, as well as trainers across the country. My mom recently came across a line of shoes that are definitely THE latest and greatest trend for athletes everywhere (they’re on Oprah’s […]
  • Post Workout Rituals - Although getting time in the gym can be one of the hardest things to do with a busy schedule, there are some important things you should be doing after your WOD’s to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hour at BLF. Inspired by an article I read recently on Well+Good, here are […]
  • Choosing Fitness as a Lifestyle - For those of you who don’t know, my name is Mack and I’ve been behind the Blue Lion blog for the past few posts. The reason I’m introducing myself is because this post is about fitness as a lifestyle, something I have been implementing in my every day life for some time now, and something […]
  • Training Shoes - If you’ve ever gotten critiqued for not keeping your heels down during squats or feel very top heavy on your deadlifts, don’t fret. Odds are it’s not your fault, it’s your shoes that are causing the problem! Your shoes have a lot to do with how successful you are and how you feel during your […]
  • Mindbody App - Happy Friday Lion Chasers! Congrats on another tough week in the gym. With everyone back in town for school, there are a lot of new faces around the gym and classes are getting more and more crowded. To make the most of everyone’s gym experience, it’s extremely helpful for the coaches to be prepared in […]
  • Seq Fit - Seq Fit. It’s been written up on the board behind the desk, talked about in our August newsletter, and has been seen in a handful of Snapchat stories and Instagram posts, but no one really knows what it is or the benefits it has on your body. From experience, and being the daughter of the woman […]
  • Don’t Stretch Cold - After another tough week at the gym, I can’t help but notice how sore I and many other members are. I have never felt my hamstrings more in my life! It’s obvious many of us need to spend more time foam rolling and stretching following every training session so we can get back up and […]