Blog #10 Relatable Gym Problems


#10 Relatable Gym Problems

  • by BLF Team
  • February 26, 2016

As much as we all love working out and Blue Lion Fitness, there are some things that we definitely struggle with. In honor of all you Lionchasers out there, these are 10 gym problems most of us have:


1. The morning of debate

Where are my morning classes at? I see you 6am, you know what I’m talking about. Some days it feels like you legit need someone to pull you out of bed, but you’re committed to working out so you somehow manage to drag yourself out. Nothing against the gym, but you cannot curl up into a warm blanketed ball.



2. When you can’t seem to keep up

Oh trust me, I relate. Maybe you’re new to the class, a true beginner, or maybe the class is just doing something that you’ve never done before. Hell, you could be an experienced veteran and you’re just not able to follow along because your mind is wandering or you’re stressed.



3. When your instructor drops the name of an exercise you know nothing of

Fitness terminology takes words we already know and attaches them to an exercise movement. Whilst in the gym, a Russian baby maker is definitely not a woman of Russian descent. A suitcase is definitely not something that you pack for vacation. A dragonfly is definitely not the insect. BUT WHAT ARE THEY?



4. When you don’t know the lift…

So you can’t put weight on it until you learn the proper form. Logically, you know you definitely shouldn’t be putting any weight on the barbell. You know Blue Lion is smart and this will most def prevent injuries. But you wannnnnnna liiiiiffffftttt!

safety is sexy


5. Pushing through the peak of your workout

It hurts and it sucks and you don’t want to do it. But also it feels good and you can do it!



6. Your lifting face

You are a beautiful person, but you should probably keep your lifting face limited to the gym. Mouth open, face scrunched up, eyes bulging.

Your lift face


7. Sweat in your eye

Your inner dialog goes something like this: Damn, I am sweating a lot. This is good. I’m getting a good workout in and– what is this? Oh my god, no, no, no. Stop sweat droplet, don’t go there. OH NO!! OH MY GOD IT STINGS!

phoebe eyes


8. When your friend is killing the workout….and you are definitely not

Sometimes you’re the human and sometimes you’re the walrus.



9. Transitioning between workout and work

Seriously, at this point, it would take a fairy godmother to get me presentable for work after all the sweat.



10. The morning after

*drops mic*


By Elizabeth Bergren